Our Story

Betsy Banks Saul, founder of Petfinder, is a visionary leader in the pet world, after helping to save over 25 million pets. She’s among Dog Fancy’s “45 People Who Changed The Dog World” and Woman’s Day’s “(50) Women Who Are Changing The World.” She serves on the Tufts vet school board and several national non-profit boards.

A few years ago, Betsy met Traci and Eric Theis, the founders of Pets Incredible, the award-winning (and first) nationwide adopted-dog and cat training initiative. They joined together to create PetVideo to bring their educational videos to Petfinder’s audience. They make a great team and few rival their deep connection in the animal welfare world.

But even after over 25 million adoptions, millions of dollars of support to shelters through the Petfinder Foundation, and millions of trained pets, something still keeps them up at night – the millions of pets that never even get a chance to find a home.

Superheroes don’t always wear capes

2.7 million pets’ lives are ended every year - not because they are sick or injured, but because they are homeless. Most of these animals are healthy and adoptable and include newborn puppies and kittens. That’s not ok with us. The good news is, we can change that... We can be heroes – to our children, our pets, and our friends.

This is your time to make a difference

Many rescue groups are able to find loving forever homes for these pets, they simply need a little time… anywhere from one day to a few weeks or months – you decide! See, some of these animals just need a foster family for a day or two while transportation is being set up to get them to their rescue partners. Others may be looking for a foster family to care for an animal until their forever family is found. That’s where you come in...

Can I crash at your pad?

By becoming a foster family – you will be saving lives... period!! And what is more rewarding than that. Sign up now and let one of these furry friends crash at your place.

Chew on it

If you aren’t able to help now, no worries - It takes some of us time to decide to put on the cape. Simply give us your email and zip code and we’ll send you updates when new pets are posted in your area.